Allie McFee - Is Monogamy Designed For Insecure People?

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How open are you willing to be?

There are few topics in a relationship that are more triggering then that of open relationships. As we continue to see divorce rates rise, and the actual age people get married continue to go up, it seems that many are questioning the old paradigms of marriage and monogamy. An open relationship is one that takes a lot of discussion, truly vulnerable communication, and a high level of trust, which is why it can be so hard to find successful examples of it. But, they are out there.

Whether this type of dynamic is for you or not, I wanted to open up a discussion about it because I feel it’s an important topic to be aware of in any relationship. How much do you trust each other? How comfortable are you in your sexuality? And what area’s might you be holding yourself from new forms of healthy expression? These are questions that should be asked and communicated through in any relationship, and can lead to better sex and a more understanding and loving experience of your partner. Or, partners.

This week on The Deep Dive we’re talking with Allie McFee, "Womb Priestess and Pleasure-Led Expander", as her and I explore the question; Is Monogamy Designed For Insecure People? I have to say, this was a juicy one, and it even pushed both Allie and myself to the edges of our trigger zone around this topic. Enjoy the episode and our perspective, and hopefully it inspires you to look deeper into your insecurities around sex and relationships.

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