3 Tools To Make Self-Love Easier

Many people don’t practice building self-love daily because they don’t realize that it’s something that they can learn to do, no matter what experiences they have had in life. 

I wrote this book to share with you my three most effective tools for a self-love practice. These are the tangible actions that have helped me more than anything else to love myself more, to have more confidence in my daily life and to live a life I love. 

You’ve probably heard about these tools: meditationjournaling, and movement. But in Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love, I give you fresh insight on how to implement them into your life in a new way.

This book is going to help you...

✔ Shift in the amount of love you feel for yourself.

✔Commit to a solid routine that supports you in actualizing your dreams

✔Cultivate specific self love personal practices that are specifically designed to accelerate your growth.​

✔ Feel good each day.

Cosmic Philosophy

This book is a collection of the 30 channeled messages that I wrote word-for-word in my journal following my wild experience in Egypt. Because the texts have not been changed in any way, they carry the original frequency that I received, and therefore have the potential to powerfully shift the reader, if they are open to that possibility. I invite you to treat this book like an ally, read it when you feel called, open to a random page when you feel like you could use some guidance. Play with it in a way that is unique to you and allow for the unfolding of magic in your life.