The Deep Dive Podcast

Sofia Sundari is a sexual health and wellness coach, facilitator, tantra practitioner, and entrepreneur who has built a successful business and career in what some may consider an unconventional way. We talk about her journey in business, the true meaning of eroticism, and how the study of sexuality, empowerment, and embodiment has guided her to where she is now. 
For this conversation, I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend and licensed sex therapist Dr. Cat Meyer. Dr. Cat has been exploring the world of psychedelics specific to her field of healing sexual trauma and creating more openings in dynamics within partnerships. 
For this conversation I had the pleasure of speaking with Nadine Lee, thought leader, educator,  and author of Sex Priestess, her new book about activating your Eros and sexuality in a new, and very healing, way. 
This week, I have invited Vuja Deus who at the time of this recording is about a month away from receiving his own child into the world. We are diving into a conversation about relationships, fatherhood, and the work that can be done in the process to ensure a healthy experience for all involved.  
For this weeks episode I am chatting with sacred sex and tantra instructor and astrologer who leads retreats around the globe, Cat Caitlin. The topic of consciousness and spirituality in the dating world, and its role in the masculine and feminine dynamic has been one that I’ve wanted to dive into for a while, and I think I may have found the perfect person for the job. 
For this week’s episode I was honored to have this conversation with Cam Fraser, an amazing Sex Coach as well as a Certified Sexologist, Counselor, and among other things; host of the Men, Sex, and Pleasure podcast. I myself have been a fan of Cam’s work, and followed along with his message for years, which is why I thought he would be perfect to discuss the topic of male sexuality, and the purpose of pleasure in the healing of masculinity.  
This week my guest is Bibi Brzozka, a certified sex, love, relationship coach, teacher and facilitator, who has helped so many men and women alike become more embodied in their life, sexuality, and their relationships. Our exploration of the topic of soul mates is one that you might relate to, know matter where you are in your journey, because I think that in a way we have all wondered it before. What is a soul mate, where are they, and what is the next step in calling them into our life?
This week my guest is Juanpa Barahona. An amazing coach, facilitator, speaker at MindValley, and among many other things, a student of tantra and conscious spirituality; Juanpa’s energy and knowledge around this topic was felt from the moment I met him. Join us in this conversation around sexual superpowers, how to access them, and how to use them to spread love to ourselves and those around us, and may it open up some new perspectives for you to explore in your own experience of sex and sexuality. 
This week's question was perfect for a conversation with my friend Taylor Simpson, an incredible coach, podcast host, motivational speaker, and thought leader especially in the space of women empowerment and actualization. Taylor has her own perspective, and even her own triggers around the modern goddess movement, and offers a somewhat refreshing perspective on the subject. We dive into this topic to discuss some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of what may be turning into a fad, but is rooted in a truth that is so important as we continue to work towards healing the feminine and masculine dynamics, and empowering women to really own their truth. 
Personal development and growth is not easy by any means, and this experience at a very sexually charged tantra retreat was no walk in the park. Last week in Part One I shared some of my intentions, thoughts, and fears as I prepared myself for a week-long experience of pushing my boundaries. This week, I want to share some of my takeaways and reflections on the experience itself. I can tell you this; it was an opening, healing, difficult, and ultimately fun experience that allowed me to explore my own boundaries and ultimately really feel into what felt true for me, and when to really understand my own sacred no. 

As I prepare for an experience in tantra and sexuality this week, I wanted to share with you my intentions going into it. There will be a follow up episode on my reflections and take-aways, and for now I want to dive into what I’m hoping to discover this week. What boundaries am I exploring? What fears or preconceptions are present? Sexuality is a deep topic for all of us, and as always, I want to give you a very real and very authentic look into my mindset going into what very possibly could be an expanding and healing experience for me. 

On this week’s episode I pushed the boundary to get to the bottom of this subject. I literally got naked with my good friends girlfriend, Abergale Bremner. Abergale is also a good friend of mine, and is a next level coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur in the space of women's work and sexuality who decided that if we were going to discuss the topic of nudity and comfortability around it, we might as well be naked while record the podcast. Truly a first on the Deep Dive. 
This week I decided to talk about sex and sexuality with one of my favorite human beings on the planet, as well as a highly qualified person to discuss this topic with, my friend Dr. Cat Meyer. Dr. Cat is a Licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in sex and trauma, as well as alternative relationship styles. Her platform Sex Love Yoga helps to evolve the relationships we have towards sex and to our bodies, and over all enhance our experience around sexuality. Join us for a deep conversation about the importance of understanding your own sexuality, how it can impact yourself and your sexual partners, and what it is you are actually seeking through sex in the first place. 
This week I invited Matt Cama, a superstar coach of relationship and sexuality, to talk about the topic of sex in and outside of relationships. What is casual sex, and is it healthy? Though this question has many answers and opinions, I valued the perspective and the conversation that was brought up in this episode and hope that it might bring new insight into your relationships with others, and with yourself. As always, it comes back to self love. 
This week I want to talk about one of the most important, yet often overlooked parts about intimacy that I believe can help you to experience better sex and better connection with yourself and your partner. Though my answer may sound simple, the concept behind it is one that we talk about a lot on the podcast and one that I believe can be applied to many growth areas of our lives. No matter how “good” you may think you are, when it comes to sex there is always room for growth.
This week on The Deep Dive we’re talking with Allie McFee as her and I explore the question “Is Monogamy Designed For Insecure People?”. I have to say, this was a juicy one, and it even pushed both Allie and myself to the edges of our trigger zone around this topic. Enjoy the episode and our perspective, and hopefully it inspires you to look deeper into your insecurities around sex and relationships.
This question was actually brought to me as a result of my last podcast interview episode where myself and Aubert Bastiat explored the question “Are Men To Blame For All The World's Problems?”. I was reached out to by my friend Makenzie Marzluff, a heart centered entrepreneur, founder of Delighted By Desserts and (among other things) co-founder of my favorite cacao brand “Kakao”. Seriously, I take this stuff everywhere I go. Makenzie was inspired by our conversation around men and wanted to explore the other side of the coin based on her experience, and though the question itself can sound a little controversial, the conversation she and I had was inspiring and I believe her perspective is a valuable and important one.