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Hear the first single off of PERMISSION "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" on Spotify


This album is a way to connect people to themselves and to each other in ceremony. The listening experience takes listeners on a journey through many aspects of the human condition and provides a call for responsibility for ourselves and the collective as a whole.

Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love: 3 Tools To Make Self-Love Easier

Through many experiences and practices, I found three tools that have led me towards self-love. And I want to share them with you.

Have You Seen The Show?

We hear about choosing love, but what does that actually look like?

The Art of Choosing Love is an almost-daily vlog that follows the journey of Adam Roa as he leaves the only safe relationship he has ever known with the Feminine to embark on a quest to find out what it means to be a conscious, empowered man in 2018.


My goal in life is to find and embody sustainable happiness. To live a life full of joy. In this episode, I dive deep into how I have finally understood that self-love is the secret to it all.
Richard Andrew Salony is one of my personal mentors and quite possibly the most interesting man in the world. In this episode, we dive deep into his journey from monk to multi-millionaire and the tips he has for how to bring about success and happiness.
If you’ve ever caught yourself doing something that you didn’t want, then this episode is for you. I give you the tools on how you can shift your reality by noticing your habits and behaviors.

Prayer, to me, is setting a powerful intention for what you want to experience in life. It is the understanding that we are somehow connected to God or a higher power. By acknowledging this, we can use our prayers to recognize our own power and create a life of our own design. If you have a negative reaction to hearing the word “prayer,” I understand. In this episode, I explain my own personal history growing up in church as well as how I’ve shifted my ideas around it.

Over the years I’ve redefined what prayer means to me and I’ve shifted my ideas from an antiquated belief of how one should pray and what one should say. By expanding my previous exclusively-religious definition, I realized what prayer actually is and how it works.

After a week of pastries and refined sugars, I was regretting my food choices because I knew I was ignoring what my body wanted. But instead of shaming and judging myself, I decided to reflect on why I was eating more sugar and meat, even though my intuition was telling me no. I realized that I was using food to comfort myself. The pleasure of taste is comforting and I enjoy the chemical reaction in my body from the release of endorphins. While pleasurable sugar rushes feel good in the moment, in the long run, being aligned with my absolute truth is more important to me. So I stopped to ask myself, “If I’m leaning into sugar more, why do I need it to feel good right now?”. The answer I got back was because I was

Throughout the centuries, countless minds have philosophized about the ethics of “right” and “wrong.” Religion is based off of principles of “right” living and oftentimes condemns others for oppositional lifestyle choices. But where do these codes of ethics come from? When it comes to ethics or morals, it is dependent on circumstances. I fully believe that our choices are dictated from our experiences, and it is only through awareness that we can make new choices.

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