Why Does Creativity Require So Much Space?

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Are you creating enough space for creativity?

If you’ve been following me or this podcast for a while it may come as no surprise to you that I consider myself a creative. In fact, I’ve pretty much dedicated every aspect of my life to creativity, to strengthening that muscle that allows me to think outside of the box and really create. Now, even though much of my life and my work may come off as quite extroverted, I also consider myself an introvert in a lot of ways; perhaps, a “creative introvert”. I believe that to be artistically creative there is a certain amount of space and seclusion that we need in order to foster an environment that is conducive to uncensored creation.

This week I want to dive into some of the reasoning behind this concept and how I’ve applied it to my work and my art. As always, there is a bit of a deeper meaning in this that doesn’t just apply to art. We are all meant to be creative in our lives; in our day to day, our work, our play.

So are you giving yourself enough time to truly sit back, take the space, and allow creativity to happen?

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