Abergale Bremner - Is It Ok To Be Naked With Your Friends Girlfriend?

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Are you uncomfortable with nudity? 

The topic of nudity is an interesting one and even a triggering one, even for me sometimes. In our society we have built up these social constructs around when and where being naked is appropriate, how much nudity is appropriate, and who it is appropriate to see or be naked with. I have always been a bit on the modest side (when it comes to nudity at least) and have noticed specifically in my past romantic relationships that there is a level of discomfort with being naked around other people. I’ve explored where this has come from, and done some work around what fears come up or what I’m making it mean to be nude around friends or even strangers. And going deeper, is it ever appropriate to be naked with or around another friends romantic partner? 

Well, on this week’s episode I pushed the boundary to get to the bottom of this subject. I literally got naked with my good friends girlfriend, Abergale Bremner. Abergale is also a good friend of mine, and is a next level coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur in the space of women's work and sexuality who decided that if we were going to discuss the topic of nudity and comfortability around it, we might as well be naked while we record the podcast. Truly a first on the Deep Dive. 

Enjoy the episode as we dive deep into the… naked truth about nudity. 

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