The Deep Dive Podcast

This week, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to talk with someone who has actually inspired me as an artist for many years. Allie Michelle is a fellow spoken word poet, two time best selling author with another book of poetry on the way, breath work facilitator, and so much more; and is no stranger to the ebbs and flows of the creative process. As I continue to move through the creation of a new project in the form of an in-depth breakup course, Allies words and insights are medicine for me and I hope they can be for you as well. 
For this weeks episode I talk with author, poet, creativity teacher, and meme-artist James Mcrae (other wise known as @wordsarevibrations on Instagram), who as someone who expresses his art through the written word as well as teaches it, has some amazing perspectives about the power that still lies in the “pen” in our world today. 
This week I’m releasing another freestyle. Spoken word, poetry, straight from my heart and my own personal experience. I’ve been giving myself permission these days; permission to accept myself more, to forgive myself, and love myself. To experience the life around me with a new perspective. And, this poem feels that way…

This week I’m sharing another poem. Rather than freestyle this time, I have decided to share a poem that was written and premeditated. One that I think sheds further light on the emotional experience of the relationship, love, and loss, that I have been both challenged and blessed by in the last year.

I believe the title exemplifies the complex nature and the simplicity of love and partnership. I call it “Us”.

What is it about me that needs to know? Looking for certainty in a world that’s so uncertain. Lurking behind every corner there’s something that you can’t see, And yet theres this part of me that feels incomplete, Or maybe just scared, if I don’t know whats out there….