The Deep Dive Podcast

Check out this week’s episode with an incredible human, content creator, and host of the Know Thyself Podcast, Andre Duqum. We dive into his process of finding his center, staying aligned with his goals, and some of the challenges he’s moved through to do so. 
This week, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to talk with someone who has actually inspired me as an artist for many years. Allie Michelle is a fellow spoken word poet, two time best selling author with another book of poetry on the way, breath work facilitator, and so much more; and is no stranger to the ebbs and flows of the creative process. As I continue to move through the creation of a new project in the form of an in-depth breakup course, Allies words and insights are medicine for me and I hope they can be for you as well. 
This week, I want to share with you as much as I can around my own creative process. Through the lens of creating a new course on breakups, I want to share vulnerably how I am moving through my own wounds and resistance to bring this to life and prove to myself that I’m capable of diving into something I’ve never done before. 
For this episode, I brought someone close to me and close to this subject. Nate Stein, aka Equanimous is a devoted artist, and DJ who has navigated his way through all of the stories around art and money, and come out the other side now helping other artists to thrive in what they do and share their message with the world. For you artists and creators out there wondering what steps to take to make a profit from your passion, this one is definitely for you. 
This week, I’m speaking with Nick Onken who has also been an artistic devotee in his life and explored it (quite successfully, I’ll add) in a number of different mediums. We are discussing what art looks like in 2022, how the world of social media, algorithms, and instant access has changed the game, and whether art is still relevant and important as a medium for societal change. 
For this weeks episode I talk with author, poet, creativity teacher, and meme-artist James Mcrae (other wise known as @wordsarevibrations on Instagram), who as someone who expresses his art through the written word as well as teaches it, has some amazing perspectives about the power that still lies in the “pen” in our world today. 
This week I virtually sat down with Canadian hip hop artist, journalist, filmmaker, and some would say artistic activist, Matt Brevner. Matt provides a lens on his own experience of “the global pause button of 2020” and how it has shaped how he’s using his art and why. The ability for artists to speak from a place of truth is one of the most valuable things that we have in our culture, and also one of the most fragile.

This week I want to dive into some of the reasoning behind the concept of creativity and how I’ve applied it to my work and my art. As always, there is a bit of a deeper meaning in this that doesn’t just apply to art. We are all meant to be creative in our lives; in our day to day, our work, our play. So are you giving yourself enough time to truly sit back, take the space, and allow creativity to happen?

We are all creative, and actively creating the reality around us whether we know it or now. On this week’s episode I share my thoughts on why I believe that creativity has been one of the most important driving forces in my life and how I continue to use creativity in my day to day, my businesses, my relationships, and every other aspect of my life.