How To Get Over A Breakup Faster

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Are you still holding on to something that doesn’t serve you?

I talk about relationships a lot on this podcast. Lately you may have noticed that the subject has been around breakups and healing, moving on. No surprise there, I’m pretty committed to shooting from the hip on this podcast and being vulnerable and transparent about the things going on in my own life. My hope is that parts of my experience might offer some support to what you might be going through in your own life.

This week, I want to share some tips with you on how to move through times of change and transition faster and with more ease and grace. It maybe surprise you how simple this one is at first, but how difficult it can be to really apply to your life and implement in your experience. Try it out, join the conversation, and if you got something from this episode I’ll invite you to share this with someone who might need to hear it too.

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