I’ve found that while many people understand this belief on a theoretical level, the practical application of this remains a mystery. I support my clients with understanding the mechanics of manifestation and taking 100% ownership for the experience they are having in their life.

If you have followed any of my social media or podcasts, then you know that I perceive the world through a lens of metaphor and symbolism. This is a blend of art and life that allows me to explain things to people in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I see science and spirituality as two languages that are here to explain the same thing: our existence. Just like the binary code of a computer may be seen as a picture on your screen, both languages are true in the moment. By combining my unique gift with a background in business marketing, personal training, and esoteric studies, my clients experience greater levels of abundance in a variety of areas, from relationships and health to financial success and impact.

This is only possible if each part receives what it uniquely needs and this is why all my business consulting programs are custom designed with input from the executive teams. Businesses that bring me in to take this holistic approach for their company culture most often see:

- Improved ROI through the minimization of communication errors which are dramatically reducing profit

- Improved employee retention rates as the result of deeper co-worker relationships

- Improved company culture, leading to an uplift in morale and a renewed sense of purpose

- Improved customer satisfaction and retention resulting from more heart-felt interactions with all facets of the business

When improvements in communication, morale, and creativity are seen at all levels of business, from the customers to the employees to the executives, major leaps in company performance are possible. I combine my proven coaching style with years of Corporate experience to create an entirely unique program for CEO’s, leadership teams, and employees of all levels.