Kute Blackson - Can You Surrender Fully And Still Manifest Your Desires?

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Are you finding it hard to trust and surrender?

It’s discussed in different spiritual practices and pretty much any religion; how to surrender and have faith in a higher intention for our life. Some of us call it a Gods path or will, some call it destiny, and the debate of whether we are part of some divine plan or it’s all a random experience of our souls independence is on that is age old.

So this week I decided to take the podcast in a bit of a different direction. For my interview with international speaker, transformational coach, and author of the new book “The Magic of Surrender” Kute Blackson, I wanted to move away from the usual interview format and ask a question that doesn’t even really have an answer; Can you fully surrender while still holding on to your desires and the things you want to manifest in your life?

While it may bring up a ton of opinion, I believe this one is hard to answer. Kute and I definitely try to make sense of it in an in depth conversation that I would love to invite you to be a part of. It’s question that takes us to the core of many beliefs and core values that have a huge effect on the way we live our life and what we’re able to call in, definitely a deep question.

But after all; this is called The Deep Dive.

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