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"I remember laying in bed at 3am, having tossed and turned for the last several hours, failing to get any sleep at all. There was too much going on in my head. I had just found out that the woman I loved had lied to me… again.The thing was, I could understand why. I understood how afraid she felt to tell me the truth, and yet, was I supposed to forgive her? Was that the loving choice? Or was it finally time for me to say no more and stand up for my own boundaries around honesty?The loving choice isn’t always clear. "

This situation is what led Adam Roa to write and record his first-ever mainstream song, VOICES. It’s all about the voices in our heads when we are trying to figure out what to do in situations that don’t have clear answers. This is such an exciting day.

Adam Roa's first single, VOICES marks the beginning of a whole new chapter of his music journey.

Go Ft. Angus Wilson & Adam Knight

"This song was birthed from the three of us all going through a similar dynamic: wanting women who didn’t seem to want us anymore. Making this song was a bonding experience and a way of expressing emotions that we all felt and desired to let out. So we added a dope beat and shared our hearts authentically through the music.

Nearly a year later, this experience is out to the world, our hearts put out on display."

Chase Me

In this song Adam opens up and tells a story of his former relationship, and the magic and mystery of falling in love.  It’s his first song that he ever wrote, during 5 days of silence in Thailand. What started as me and a guitar has evolved into an incredible musical rollercoaster.