Why Men Will Never Be Enough For Women

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Do you think that men are really ever going to be enough for women?

I realize right off the bat that this question might be an immediate trigger for some, but I hope you’ll hear me out. There are many different views and understandings on who, or what energies, embody the masculine or the feminine. But there is a natural dynamic between the two, and even though sometimes this dynamic can bring up challenges, it can also be a beautiful opportunity for growth.

In this weeks podcast I discuss WHY men not only will never be enough for women, but why that is a good and natural dynamic for relationships to continue to thrive. Love is not about comfort, it’s about growth and seeing the opportunities in yourself and your partner to continue expanding.

Are you willing to let your partner be the best version of themselves? Let’s tackle this topic together on this weeks episode of The Deep Dive.

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