Nadine Lee - How To Deepen Your Sexual Life Force Energy

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Is your partner experiencing the best version of you?

Sexuality is more than just… sex. It’s an energy that exists in us that can be harnessed as an amazing tool to experience more joy and passion in all aspects of our life. I’ve been talking lately about the masculine/feminine dynamic and the role they have, especially in our relationships. I’ve learned a lot and been humbled in my own relationship experiences, and one of the lessons that continues to be more present is that I’m able to show up in my highest for others when I’m feeling safe being fully myself. This includes understanding the shadow, the wounding, and that inner child that can so often cause us to react in ways that don’t feel in alignment with who we are inside.

This week I was honored to connect with my friend Nadine Lee in a conversation around the beautiful and sometimes challenging dynamics of knowing ourselves properly in a relationship, and the work it takes to show up in our highest for partner and for ourself. Nadine is a teacher of the feminine tantric arts, feminine embodiment coach & nutritionist, and founder of Tantric Alchemy. We dive in to her work in the tantra space we also talk about the importance of further understanding our sexual energies, not just in the bedroom, but in our life in general. 

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