Matt Brevner - Do Artists Owe Society Anything?

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What role do artists play in society today? 

For thousands of years art has been arguably one of the most important parts of our culture as human beings. Art breaks language barriers, and connects us and our history in a way that nothing else can. We have used art to communicate our history and the truth of our human experience, and in many ways the art is what paints the picture (pun intended) of what our own story and history looks like. It is also one of the things to be subjected to censorship in times of upheaval and transition. 

This week I virtually sat down with Canadian hip hop artist, journalist, filmmaker, and some would say artistic activist, Matt Brevner. Matt provides a lens on his own experience of “the global pause button of 2020” and how it has shaped how he’s using his art and why. The ability for artists to speak from a place of truth is one of the most valuable things that we have in our culture, and also one of the most fragile. Enjoy this week's conversation. 

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