WTF Is Going On? Will Smith And The War In Ukraine

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Have you heard the news? 

It says something about the state of our culture when I would legitimately be equally as surprised if you hadn’t heard about the war going on in Ukraine, or the fact that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had it’s fair share of shocking discoveries, and it’s a major topic of discussion today, but nothing shocks the world more than a good old celebrity scandal; and that came this month in the form of one of the more beloved celebrities of our age being overcome with shadow, and choosing to react in a way that has blown up the internet.  

This week, on another episode of WTF Is Going On? I want to weigh in on some important takeaways from both of these issues and share a little bit of my perspective. It’s easy to jump to our own opinions, and react in whatever suits the emotion; but in these times I feel like it has never been more important to really step back and observe not only the events themselves, but why we feel the way we do about them. Enjoy the episode, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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