Nathan Kohlerman - Do Real Leaders Wear Masks?

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What makes a great leader? 

It’s in times like this, when the world seems to fall further and further into confusion and division, that we look to our leaders for the answers that we need. Throughout history, leadership in times of crisis has made legends out of sometimes relatively normal human beings who, in those moments, were willing to stand firm in their values and guide others to do so as well. But, in a world where the gray area between right and wrong continues to grow, what does it actually mean to be a leader? 

This week I talk leadership, and masks, with Nathan Kohlerman. Nathan is an amazing human who is a health and wellness wizard, founder of NeuIntention, and advocate for sovereignty who has spoken his truth about the need for masks during this time, and comes from a place of strength when it comes to his own values and his why. At a time when good leadership is of the utmost importance, one thing I believe good leaders should be doing is opening up these subjects for conversation. Enjoy the episode. 

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