WTF Is Going On? Joe Rogan, Kyrie Irving, And The Canadian Truckers.

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Are you staying up to date? 

It’s ok if you’re not. Let's face it, there is SO much going on in the world today that the thought of keeping yourself in the know is somewhat overwhelming. We are currently seeing a state of being around the globe that is, I would say, unprecedented in our human history. So much so that there are things going on in this world, important and transformational things, tragedies and events, breakthroughs and accomplishments, that we will never even hear about. What is rising to the surface, especially on a mainstream level, are things like the pandemic, vaccines, protests, and the narrative is somewhat controlled depending on where you are getting your information from. 

This week I wanted to update you. Not as an expert or a correspondent, but as a human being who has access (for the most part) to the same information that you do. I want to update you on a few issues from the last month that I find extremely important to be aware of, and what my perspective on it is. I hope it provides some insight, some value, and at the very least some awareness to some of the important stories of our current reality. 

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