Nick Onken - Does Real Art Exist Anymore?

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Is art still relevant? 

As an artist, I have dedicated most of my life to the path of inspiration, dedication, and creation of my expression through artistic mediums. Poetry, music, even cooking for me carries an intention behind it, and I strive to make everything I do artistic. The search for truth and authenticity behind what can be incredibly vulnerable and challenging at times, is to me what art is; and I believe that the world needs more of it. 

This week, I’m speaking with Nick Onken who has also been an artistic devotee in his life and explored it (quite successfully, I’ll add) in a number of different mediums. We are discussing what art looks like in 2022, how the world of social media, algorithms, and instant access has changed the game, and whether art is still relevant and important as a medium for societal change. 

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