Mia Lux - Have Dating Apps Destroyed Love?

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Is it even possible to find love on a dating app? 

Love them or hate them, but dating apps seem like they’re here to stay. The “swipe culture” of modern dating has changed a lot about the way that we interact in today's dating scene and in a lot of ways is a mirror for our society today. But do they work? And are the incentives to swipe right or left based on surface level motives, that can create more harm than good? 

This week my guest is Mia Lux, an entrepreneur, comedian, and Co-Founder of Lavette Social Club, which describes itself as a vetted, virtual, social club for self aware singles. As we Dive Deep into the topic of dating in today’s modern age of apps and technology, we also find ourselves discussing a lot about our own stories of love and how they have (or haven’t) found success on today's virtual platforms. 

Check out my first experience of using a dating app after 10 years of being in a relationship, on this episode of The Art Of Choosing Love. 

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