Jack Delosa - Do You Need To Be Rich To Make Big Impact?

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What is money actually worth? 

Most of us are familiar with the term “money makes the world go round”, and it’s pretty hard to argue with it. We tend to lean towards the adage that “love is all you need” which can seem contrary to the belief that money is something we need. AND, some amazing things have come from the resource and the energy that money can also represent. Technologies and resources, new innovative ideas coming to life, art, education, and more; when used with intention, money has the potential to make big changes. 

My guest this week is no stranger to money and the ability it has to make an impact. Jack Delosa is the founder of Australia’s largest training institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage, which has a community of over 500,000 and continues to grow. Behind anything man made there is an entrepreneur and the resources needed to see that idea come to life, and Jack believes that because of this, entrepreneurs are one of the most important vehicles for change that we have today. 

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