Deep Dive #101 | Tom Cronin - Enter The Portal To The New Paradigm

Have you ever struggled to transcend your ego? Do you resent your emotions and the human experience?

Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project, left his successful career as one of Sydney, Australia’s leading bond and swap brokers to delve into a meditation practice. Today Tom teaches meditation to others in a mission to help people reduce their stress and find calm and peace in their lives.

In this episode of The Deep Dive with Adam Roa, Tom and I dive deep into the ego, polarity, and how the systems that create our current reality on this planet are perpetuated by our choices and what we buy.

“My world changed dramatically when I started shifting my static consciousness, when I started to embody more knowledge, more wisdom.”

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The purpose of the ego and how to deal with it
  • The key to shifting the use of money and social media to a more positive paradigm
  • How to reframe the pain of feeling into a gift
  • Why supply and demand run the world

Tom co-created The Portal, a documentary and book created with the vision to shift humanity out of its current state of crisis. He believes that we are at a tipping point in society and we get to decide which way we’re going to collectively tip.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can individually do to help the systems start to shift, then this episode of The Deep Dive with Adam Roa is for you. Tom and I discuss ways to accept and manage our egos and how to make choices centered from love and with the collective in mind.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you found value in Tom and my conversation and discovered new ways to approach life and make choices from a place of awareness. Please subscribe on iTunes and leave a review so we can get this message to more people. Feel free to share this podcast on social media and encourage your loved ones to listen as well.

I’d love to hear from you in all the ways you’re helping to shift humanity away from chaos and into love. If we can get more people to join together, we can choose the way in which we create our future.

Always, in all ways, you are seen, you are heard, and you are loved.