Stefanos Sifandos - Are Men Sick Of Dating Spiritual Women?

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Does spirituality have a place in a relationship? 

Trigger warning; this may be a difficult question to grasp at first. But in my last couple years of travels, whether they are physical travels, astral, or relationships, I’ve noticed that there is a level of spirituality that can be supportive of healthy relationships and one that also seems to repel it. During some of my time in Austin I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some brothers and leaders in the conscious community who work specifically with men and masculine healing, and when the topic of dating and relationship has come up there has seemed to be a similar theme. Are men sick of dating “spiritual women”?

Now, this question is meant to be a Deep Dive. What does spirituality actually mean? How does it benefit a relationship, or does it? And what is the core of truth behind the rise of the divine femenine and how does it match with the true masculine that also gets to be supported? I was grateful to have this conversation with Stefanos Sifandos, who among all of the work he has done in relationships and mens work, I consider to be a real human and a real man within this community. We dive into the topic of relationships, consciousness and spirituality, and how these affect (positively or negatively) a relationship, and the conversation is one that I think will add value whether you are in a relationship or out of one. 

Enjoy the episode.