How To Find Inspiration

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Where do you find inspiration? 

In my podcast I have always stressed the importance of creativity in our lives, and how it can benefit and impact a healthy experience. That being said, as a creator I am also an entrepreneur. Beyond my podcast there is my platform and online coaching business called the CREATE Community, my artwork and poetry, and numerous other projects that take a team and operations, content calendars, schedules, meetings, and on and on. I love all of it and always find myself on the path of my highest excitement in the process, but in the midst of all of it, I can definitely find it hard to find inspiration sometimes. 

Recently I experienced one of these inspirational blocks, and in this week’s episode I wanted to share with you how I chose to move through it and get myself back to a place of creativity and artistic creation. Are you going to sit back and wait for inspiration to find you? Or are you ready to go out there and actively create inspiration, and allow an inspirational container into your life? 

I hope this one inspires you to find inspiration, express yourself, and create something beautiful.

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