Juanpa Barahona - How Do You Unlock Your Sexual Superpowers?

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Are you being intentional with your sexuality? 

I talk about it a lot on this podcast, and have been so blessed with some of the amazing guests that have come on the show to talk about sex and sexuality. It is an important topic. We’ve grown up in a society that teaches some very sideways things about the truth of what sex is, and now more than ever I find it so important to not only seek for myself, but share knowledge about the deep truth behind what true sexuality is and what we can access from it. The energy that sexuality is can be incredibly healing, or deeply damaging depending on how we are using it and what our intentions are behind it. That’s why I believe it is so crucial to really understand the power that we hold in our sexuality, and how to use it for love. 

This week my guest is Juanpa Barahona. An amazing coach, facilitator, speaker at MindValley, and among many other things, a student of tantra and conscious spirituality; Juanpa’s energy and knowledge around this topic was felt from the moment I met him. Join us in this conversation around sexual superpowers, how to access them, and how to use them to spread love to ourselves and those around us, and may it open up some new perspectives for you to explore in your own experience of sex and sexuality. 

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