Bibi Brzozka - Why Can't I Find My Soulmate?

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Is something missing in your life? 

Not everyone feels called to finding a romantic relationship that lasts a lifetime. In fact, not everyone even believes that the idea of a soulmate is actually a real thing. The way we look at relationships and partnership has shifted and expanded over the years and in a way has become more customized to the individual and no longer needs to look like the conventional relationships that may have been the norm in generations past. But if you’re like me, there is a part of you that believes that “the one” is out there. That each experience, each partnership, and each breakup or transition, is a lesson and a stepping stone leading us closer to that person that is a fit for what you both are looking for in this life. As I continue to open myself up to the possibility, the knowledge, that my person is out there looking for me too, I realize that the work it takes to really have a supportive and lasting relationship begins well before you ever find each other. The time we spend single and sovereign is a time to get to know ourselves so authentically and honestly that we actually become an energetic match to that type of partnership. 

This week my guest is Bibi Brzozka, a certified sex, love, relationship coach, teacher and facilitator, who has helped so many men and women alike become more embodied in their life, sexuality, and their relationships. Our exploration of the topic of soul mates is one that you might relate to, know matter where you are in your journey, because I think that in a way we have all wondered it before. What is a soul mate, where are they, and what is the next step in calling them into our life? Enjoy the episode. 

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