Jason Goldberg - Can You Do Too Much Inner Work?

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When is all this inner work actually done?

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that if you’re a listener and fan of this podcast, you have spent at least a little time in your life learning about and focusing on personal development work. Because this work is one of the most important inquiries in my life, and something I have very much dedicated my practice to; personal development and inner work has naturally become a topic of a lot of different podcast episodes as well as a big part of my work in the CREATE Community. It’s all about how we can continue to heal and up-level so that we can really live life as the highest versions of ourselves. 

But how much inner work is too much? When do we actually get to claim healing, or is it a perpetual journey of deeper layers? As always, it’s another Deep Dive question that for this episode, I felt the perfect guest would be my good friend as well as high level coach in the personal development space who brings with him an amazing story of inner work and personal development triumphs, Jason Goldberg. Two men who have a LOT of time in doing inner work and studying the world of personal development, discussing whether there is a point of diminishing returns, where that level of deep inquiry into our human experience can actually become too much. Enjoy the episode. 

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