Lessons From A Week Of Plant Medicine Experience At Arkana Medical Center

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What does medicine mean to you?

There’s an interesting shift going on in our generation. A shift of the understanding of what plant medicine is compared to the gateway drugs we’ve heard about growing up. A change in the way we see the potentials of the products of the nature around us, and a growing curiosity of what healing benefits they might hold. The same way we’ve been told that normal, over the counter medicine can heal different things like coughs or colds, I have been a student of the way that plant medicines can help us to heal from past traumas and actually grow into higher more aligned versions of who we are.

So I’d like to tell you one of those stories from my experience.

I recently attended a experience in Mexico that had me in a somewhat intense, but enlightening, Deep Dive into the medicine space. Though this was not my first experience, and though all of the work I’ve done in this space is unique and heart opening, I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences from this recent and very powerful time in the jungle.

Enjoy this weeks podcast and let’s open up a conversation about the power of medicine, nature, and our own spirits when we decide to look a little deeper.

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