Laura Dawn - Are Psychedelics The Only Hope To Save Humanity?

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Are psychedelics the only hope to save humanity? 

Even though it is estimated that over 40 million people in the USA alone use some form of psychedelic substances today, it continues to surprise me how taboo the subject still remains. I have been completely open about my use of psychedelics and the impact the work has done in my life, and my intention behind sharing this part of me has been to break some of the stigma behind these types of medicines and allow people to make more informed decisions about the use of them. I fully believe that when used responsibly and properly, they can offer true healing and deep spiritual connection, and science is starting to come around to actually back up that theory. 

On this episode of The Deep Dive I was excited to feature Psychedelic advocate, author, and international speaker Laura Dawn, who has been leading transformational retreats for over 10 years and inspires people to wake up to greater possibilities in their lives through the study and exploration of psychedelic medicines and experiences. The question this week; Are psychedelics the only hope to save humanity? And while the question may come off with a touch of humor attached to it, we go deep into the state of the world today, the people in it, and how we can start to look at alternative ways to heal the hearts and minds of our planet and ultimately create more love and understanding. 

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