Charles Clay - How Do You Maintain Sovereignty In Romantic Relationships?

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Do you lose yourself in romantic relationships? 

If you answered yes to this question, don’t worry; you are normal. In fact, most of us experience this especially in the beginning of a new partnership or in the midst of falling in love. It’s easy to do. New love is a dopamine hit that is unlike anything else, and relationships themselves often become a very safe space that can be easy to find shelter in when dealing with a relatively uncertain world. These aren’t necessarily bad things, but when left unchecked can actually create unhealthy codependency and actually put a lot of strain on any relationships; romantic, business, and otherwise. 

This week my guest is Charles Clay; a high level coach, husband, and father of 2. With two new lives to be responsible for, he and his wife get to experience the sometimes challenging dynamic of keeping their sovereignty in what can be a very busy and demanding experience; and he has some amazing tips and tricks on how to do so. 

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