3 Ways To Rebuild Trust With Yourself

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Do you trust yourself?

Trust is truly one of, if not the most important thing you can build if you want to have a healthy relationship. Now, most of us equate trust as something that we have with one another. Your partner, your boss, you parents, your friends; really how positive can these relationships be if we don’t trust each other?

But what about building trust with ourself?

We make commitments, big and small, to ourselves almost daily. “I’m going to eat healthier, I’m going to get up early today, I’m going to call that friend that I’ve been wanting to reconnect with”… but what happens when we don’t honor those commitments? It’s as easy to break this trust with ourself as it is to lose it, or have it broken, by someone else. It just may not be as apparent unless we are looking for it.

On this weeks podcast I want to share with you an exercise consisting of three ways to not only understand the ways that you’ve broken trust with yourself, but rebuild it. Just like any relationship, trusting in YOU is very possibly the most important thing you can do if you want to live a healthy, happy, and empowered life. And as always, it starts with awareness.

Are you ready for a trust fall? Join me in this exercise this week and let’s up level together.

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