Cam Fraser - Have Men Been Conditioned To Fear Pleasure?

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Is it wrong to want pleasure? 

It may seem like a weird question, like who doesn’t want to experience pleasure? But it’s actually pretty surprising how many of us, and predominantly men, think that pleasure is a sign of weakness. Self love, pleasure practice, inner work, etc, these (to some) embody feminine sides of us, and for a lot of men who are caught up in a somewhat wounded version of what the masculine is, this can be confronting. Often when we think pleasure, we think sex. But pleasure is something that is experienced in so many ways in our life, through every single one of our senses, and learning more about how to find pleasure in all aspects of your life is a secret to a generally healthier overall experience. 

For this week’s episode I was honored to have this conversation with Cam Fraser, an amazingSex Coach as well as a Certified Sexologist, Counselor, and among other things; host of the Men, Sex, and Pleasure podcast. I myself have been a fan of Cam’s work, and followed along with his message for years, which is why I thought he would be perfect to discuss the topic of male sexuality, and the purpose of pleasure in the healing of masculinity.  

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