Matt Cama - Are Women Capable Of Having Casual Sex?

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Is casual sex healthy? 

Intimacy is an amazing thing. Whether it is a physical romantic connection or an emotional one, becoming truly intimate with another is the most vulnerable and authentic way that you can show up in a relationship. But, it can be terrifying. As we grow and learn things for the first time, we become guarded to experiences that cause us to feel different because it can feel uncomfortable and even make us feel isolated. We may not realize it at the time, but looking back, it is those experiences that allow us to accept the parts of ourselves that are unique and therefore valuable to a collective that can only be benefited by those gifts and experiences that only you can bring. 

This week I invited Matt Cama, a superstar coach of relationship and sexuality, to talk about the topic of sex in and outside of relationships. What is casual sex, and is it healthy? Though this question has many answers and opinions, I valued the perspective and the conversation that was brought up in this episode and hope that it might bring new insight into your relationships with others, and with yourself. As always, it comes back to self love. 

Enjoy the episode. 

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