Freestyle Spoken Word Poetry - All I Can Be Is Me




What is it about me that needs to know?

Looking for certainty in a world that’s so uncertain.

Lurking behind every corner there’s something that you can’t see,

And yet theres this part of me that feels incomplete,

Or maybe just scared, if I don’t know whats out there….

For this weeks episode of the Deep Dive, I decided to release another freestyle spoken word poem. This piece came from a place of vulnerability and honestly, heart break. It came from a need to be myself in the face of scrutiny, which is maybe a feeling that we all experience at times.

Art is medicine for me, and when I feel like I’ve done as much as I can to pick myself up and commit to my self love practices, art and creation is where I usually go to next. This style of spoken word poetry is the most vulnerable for me because it’s straight from the heart and totally freestyle in the moment. This allows whats really going on under the surface to come out, and that in my opinion is the healing and therapeutic part of any type of artistic expression.

Do you express yourself in an artistic way? My hope is that this poem inspires you to reach in, let it out, and let the world see the real you however you choose to release it.

Also, for a free PDF of my 4 step process to help empower you to move from a starving artist mentality to a surrendered artist, go to and begin to unlock your inner artist today.