Deep Dive Live | Case Kenny - Why So Many People Struggle With Dating

Do you find dating difficult?

Unless it’s that rare “love at first sight” story, dating is an integral process to finding partnership, romance, and ultimately love. There are thousands of books, podcasts, or movies, all stuffed full of advice on dating (not to mention your friends, family, parents) but why when it comes down to it, is finding authentic connection through dating still so hard?

In this weeks podcast I’m joined by Chicago based writer, podcaster, and recording artist Case Kenny in a conversation about the dynamic world of dating and relationships. From the importance of communication to the subject of one night stands, Case and I navigate our thoughts on the whole process based on our own experiences of dating and share in some new perspectives that opened up the topic for us in a brand new way.

If you desire to find the “one”, dating and exploration is pretty much inevitable. So, do you want to experience more ease and grace in the process? I hope my conversation with Case Kenny can be beneficial in moving towards more self awareness and in turn, an easier and more enjoyable experience of dating.

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