An Impactful Conversation With My Mom - Featuring Vickey Roa

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Are you really aware of the effect your parents had on who you have become?

It seems simple enough. Whether you’ve always had a good relationship with your parents, a challenging one, or like so many; maybe didn’t even get to have a relationship with one or both, most of us will spend a lot of time thinking about how that relationship (or lack thereof) has influenced our life. Negatively or positively, it’s pretty hard to avoid carrying a lot with you from what is often the most influential of relationships we have growing up.

But as we grow, shift, and change in our lives shouldn’t our relationship with our parents as well? Is it possible to really heal and move on from patterns that are still at play or wounds that have been left unhealed? Or is the safety we may have experienced in a family dynamic holding some of us back from taking risks and chances that might provide new opportunities or a fresh perspective?

Its a big, broad topic and I want to acknowledge that every single family dynamic is unique in its own way and presents different opportunities and challenges. Each member of a family, big or small, is their own unique ingredient in the one of a kind flavor that is family and upbringing.

On this weeks episode of the Deep Dive “An Impactful Conversation With My Mom”, I want to let you in on part of my own family dynamic and introduce you to one of the most important people in the world to me. My mother. 

The last few weeks have been all about being vulnerable. This week I take it up another notch as I interview my mother Vickey Roa about our dynamic as I grew up, some of our family challenges, and who we are to each other today. Enjoy this special episode, this very special guest, and as always I would love to hear your thoughts.

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