A Spoken Word Poem Called "Us"

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“You asked, How can I know you love me?

How can I trust in us?

I said don’t you worry my dear

I will give you the heavens above

I wanted to give you the moon

But you said it was not bright enough

So I tried to give you the sun

But you said it was too hot to touch.“

This growth journey can sometimes be an intricate dance between emotion and heart, head and reason. It may not make it easy, but it sure does make it exciting. Relationships take a lot of self awareness. Whether you define your own experiences as successful or not, it’s hard to deny that they all come packed full of opportunities for growth.

This week I’m sharing another poem. Rather than freestyle this time, I have decided to share a poem that was written and premeditated. One that I think sheds further light on the emotional experience of the relationship, love, and loss, that I have been both challenged and blessed by in the last year.

I believe the title exemplifies the complex nature and the simplicity of love and partnership. I call it “Us”.

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