Zahara Zimring - Is It Unhealthy To Constantly Push Your Edges?

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Are you pushing yourself to your edge? 

Life is full of edges and boundaries. Figuring out the difference between the two is a great way to explore and grow in a way that is healthy and helps you to continue discovering how to live as authentically as possible. But pushing yourself to your own edge is not easy, and by no means comfortable. It’s a process that will inevitably have you facing off with your fears and with parts of yourself that often go swept under the rug. This is where real growth lies, where real expansion can have a truly profound impact on your life and your reality. 

This week I invited my good friend, and “edge pushing addict” Zahara Zimring, to have a real conversation about boundaries versus edges, and what benefits can come from being open to exploring both. Do we need to be constantly pushing our edges, or is it healthy sometimes to just exist in contentment and in containers we feel safe in? Is feeling safe an edge in itself? Let’s dive deep. 

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