Why You Haven't Manifested What You Say You Want

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Do you really know what you want?

Everyone has their tips and advice on manifestation. How to do it better, what not to do, or what to avoid. It’s a deep process, one that has been studied and talked about much longer than we know. Calling in the reality that you desire, the job, partnership, abundance, health, etc is something that takes awareness and a level of personal understanding that takes a life time of exploration. So are you aware of the reason your not seeing the things you are trying to manifest? What blocks might be in the way that you may not even be conscious of?

In this week’s podcast I want to share a little manifestation hack that I believe can help you develop a smoother process of calling in the reality you truly want to experience. It has to do with naming your fears, understanding the root of it, and moving through them so that you can clear space for all of the massive abundance that the universe is ready to provide to you.

Are you ready to start seeing your dreams show up in reality? I hope you enjoy this weeks musing and I’m excited to hear how it might begin to work in your life.

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