Sheleana Aiyana - Are Women Tired Of Holding Space For Men?

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What does “holding space” mean to you? 

We have been witnessing a huge shift in the dynamics between the masculine and the feminine in our generation. Over time, we are coming to the realization that a lot of our concepts of what it means to be man or woman, in life or in relationships, have been deeply affected by ideas that don’t necessarily hold value to the world we live in today. We continue to love, we still pursue relationships and connection, and we still seek understanding in what it means to be in our power and balance within the masculine and feminine within us. But, should we be more committed and aware of the change that needs to happen? 

On this week’s episode of The Deep Dive I chat with Sheleana Aiyana, founder of The Rising Woman which boasts over 2.4 million followers on Instagram alone, and has created a platform where she coaches and encourages women to become more empowered and aware of their strength and power in relationships and life. For any of you who may be looking to understand more about what it means to be divinely feminine and an empowered woman; this is a special episode that I don’t want you to miss. 

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