A Practical Tool For Shifting Your Negative Thoughts

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I have an exercise that can help you shift your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Let me start by saying, it’s not your fault. We experience so much in this life time that it’s hard to not be influenced by the thoughts in our mind that may fall into the negative category. This is because our negative experiences, reflections, or assumptions, can potentially carry a heavier emotional charge than we might be consciously aware of. We have learned to survive from fear and being overly aware of our physical, emotional, and spiritual surroundings so that we can ensure that we have a pleasant and “safe” life experience.

But our these thoughts natural? Or is there a way that we can shift our negative thoughts and see them in a different light, one that might actually be beneficial?

In this weeks episode I decided to actually let you in on an exercise that I’ve used, not only with my clients but with myself, on how to take negative experiences or thoughts and change them into positive learning experiences that will allow you to change the lens your looking through. I’m a huge stand for practicing self love and authenticity, and changing the way you experience negativity is a great way to start to shift the way you see yourself, others, and the world around you. This is an exercise in becoming more magnetic to the experiences you wish to have in your life.

Grab a pen and pad, and enjoy the episode.

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