Taylor Simpson - Is The Modern Goddess A Fad?

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What does it mean to be a Goddess? 

We’ve all heard the term applied to the women of our time, and is no more prominent anywhere than the conscious community. The modern, self-proclaimed title of  “Goddess” has somewhat swept our culture and if you're like me, it’s becoming harder and harder to grasp the concept of what actually defines a goddess and what qualifies the title. Does calling yourself a goddess on your IG handle mean you are truly self actualize, or enlightened? Or is there more to the equation, and a deeper meaning behind what it means to truly embody the qualities of a divine being? 

This question was perfect for a conversation with my friend Taylor Simpson, an incredible coach, podcast host, motivational speaker, and thought leader especially in the space of women empowerment and actualization. Taylor has her own perspective, and even her own triggers around the modern goddess movement, and offers a somewhat refreshing perspective on the subject. We dive into this topic to discuss some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of what may be turning into a fad, but is rooted in a truth that is so important as we continue to work towards healing the feminine and masculine dynamics, and empowering women to really own their truth. 

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