Makenzie Marzluff - Should Women Be Held Accountable For Sexualizing Themselves?


Should women be held accountable for sexualizing themselves? 

Well, yes I’m aware that this title should come with a trigger warning and I don't find it hard to guess where a lot of people’s minds might go when they read this question. It is a complicated topic over all, especially in today's age of social media and selfies. In a culture where women are stepping into their power more and more, owning their sexuality in more healthy and expressive ways, and truly claiming their worth and their healing, it seems to be a topic from a feminine standpoint where pretty much anything goes. Women have been repressed for so long and in so many ways that it’s easy to not only see why, but encourage and applaud the freedom and permission that the feminine is giving themselves more and more in our culture. 

So is the sexualization of women becoming healthier? 

This question was actually brought to me as a result of my last podcast interview episode where myself and Aubert Bastiat explored the question “Are Men To Blame For All The World's Problems?”. I was reached out to by my friend Makenzie Marzluff, a heart centered entrepreneur, founder of Delighted By Desserts and (among other things) co-founder of my favorite cacao brand “Kakao”. Seriously, I take this stuff everywhere I go. Makenzie was inspired by our conversation around men and wanted to explore the other side of the coin based on her experience, and though the question itself can sound a little controversial, the conversation she and I had was inspiring and I believe her perspective is a valuable and important one. 

Enjoy this week’s episode and I absolutely completely invite your thoughts and reflections. 

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