Life Update: Lessons From My Three Year Nomadic Journey

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Do you feel a little out of place?

I understand the feeling. The last three years I have been all over the world, nomadically exploring experiences, people, and countries with one goal in mind. To get to know myself better. After a breakup with someone I spent ten years of my life, and countless moments with, I decided that what was needed in the next chapter of my life was to find out how to love myself. I needed it. And as I dove into deeper trust and surrender, I realized that it was something the world needed too.

To understand how to love ourselves.

This week on The Deep Dive, I want to give you an update from the last three years of my life. Though I know I’m not unique in this, I’ve personally been through a lot, and these experiences have been kindling on a fire of discovery in my life that has allowed me to grow into and find acceptance for the man that I am today. From the jungles of Peru to the Dead Sea outside of Jordan and what seems like everything in between, I have been continually brought back to the understanding of the one thing that seems to matter the most. Choosing love. The more I travel, the more people I meet and experiences I have, I am continually inspired by the way we as a collective continue to choose love and share it with the world in our own unique ways. So, I decided to share a little of my story in this week’s episode “Life Update: Lessons From My Three Year Nomadic Journey”. 

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