Equanimous - How Do You Balance Smart Business With Good Art?

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Does art really have anything to do with business? 

We’ve all heard the term “starving artist”. I don’t necessarily know when the term was coined, but I still hear it referenced all the time; almost as an ok title. An artist struggling to make ends meet seems to make sense to a lot of people, which for a culture that relies SO heavily on art and the artists that devote their life to the mastery of what they do, has always perplexed me. Why do we value art so much in this society, yet see so many artists struggling financially? And what effect would it have on our culture if artists were able to focus less on making money, and more on the devotion to their craft? 

For this topic, I brought someone close to me and close to this subject. Nate Stein, aka Equanimous is a devoted artist, and DJ who has navigated his way through all of the stories around art and money, and come out the other side now helping other artists to thrive in what they do and share their message with the world. For you artists and creators out there wondering what steps to take to make a profit from your passion, this one is definitely for you. 

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