Why Self Care Is Important For Your Dreams with Jenna Phillips Ballard

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What does it take to really live the life of your dreams?

Everyone has their own definition of the “dream life”. For some it’s a comfortable life with a couple kids and a loving partner, for some it’s a location based dream like living by a beach somewhere warm, for some it’s a high paced stimulating life of flash, fame, or fortune. No matter what the dream is, it takes clear intention and often the right amount of effort and energy to accomplish. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur seeking high stakes and high returns, it’s common for us to neglect the self care that is often necessary to stay present and manage the stress or different situations that may come up in the process.

On this weeks episode of The Deep Dive I’m joined by my good friend Jenna Phillips Ballard who has taken on an inspiring journey in her life, and is nothing short of a super hero. A former personal trainer for celebrities, Jenna is a proud mother, loving wife, CEO, and entrepreneur, and somehow juggles all of this while putting in the work to create balance as well as the self care she needs to stay in her highest. We talk about her experience juggling motherhood, marriage, and business, her tips for self care when going for a dream, and even the effect that your in-laws might have on your experience of being in partnership or being a parent.

Are you interested in unleveling your practices around self care and experiencing more abundance while accomplishingyour goals? I highly recommend listening in on my conversation this week with Jenna Phillips Ballard and getting to know more of her inspiring story, and her next level perspective that has helped me personally to move through difficult times and stay focused on my own path.

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