How To Build Chemistry And Maintain Connection - With Dr. Cat Meyer

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Do you believe in the “honeymoon phase”?

It’s likely that most of us have experienced it on some level; that period at the beginning of a relationship where you feel drunk in love, passionate, and committed to being your best self for your new partner. For some it fades and the intimacy of a relationship begins to involve more compassion, self work, and communication, for some it seems the honeymoon never ends. But, have you ever thought about what is actually happening in the physical body, in the brain and the heart, that causes those feelings? Is there maybe a way to reprogram our own tendencies to allow for more passion and joy as relationships grow?

On this weeks episode of The Deep Dive I’m joined by my good friend Dr. Cat Meyer for a conversation that ended up being about the science of relationship and connection. Dr. Cat is a licensed sex therapist studied in EMDR, energy psychology, yoga, and modern sciences as well asthe host of the Eat. Play. Sex. Podcast. She works to bring awareness to the many different aspects of healing, not just the mental or physical and how communication can be a game changer in how and why relationships might succeed or fail.

Do you want to experience more passion, fun, play, and overall freedom to be you in your relationship?

My conversations with Dr. Cat are always insightful and bring up new perspectives that I believe can really benefit the way we see ourselves and our partner in relationship. Whether you are new to it, new in it, or have been with your partner for a while I highly recommend diving in this week with Dr. Cat Meyer and I on this weeks vulnerable and highly informative episode. 

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