Matilda Carroll - Does Sharing Devalue The Sacred?

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Can transparency on social media be unhealthy? 

You know me; I’m all for vulnerable shares and honesty, and I have made it a point to be as raw and authentic about my experiences as possible. No subject has been off the table for me, as I believe that when we can be real and honest about what we’ve gone through, or some of the challenges we face, it has the ability to create healing in others that might be going through similar experiences in their life. 

This week I am excited to be chatting with Matilda Carrol, who is a powerful medicine woman, tantra instructor and naturopath, and also an avid and tasteful presence on social media. I’ve been inspired by her message, and have always admired her ability to be so raw and truthful on her platform, and on this episode we talk about that level of vulnerability and if it is always healthy to be so real. 

We talk about:

  • Some of the deep experiences that have come from medicine ceremonies, and what can be shared.  
  • Our own personal perspectives of what is sacred about our own experience, and when it’s valuable to share with others. 
  • The difference between sharing for validation, and sharing for the purpose of allowing others to experience their own healing. 

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