Johnny Elassaser - Is Violence Necessary?

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Is violence ever the answer?  

It may seem that we are surrounded by violence in this world. Shootings, war, terrorism, violence in movies and games, tv shows and songs; it’s impossible to deny that there is violence in this world. It’s a complicated topic, because violence itself is sometimes reactionary; meaning that there are two sides to it. The conversation of whether or not violence is necessary or not, can be a triggering one to some but an important one nonetheless. It’s also important to recognize that we are currently living in one of the safest times in human history. It may not always seem like it, but I believe we are making progress towards a more peaceful world. 

This week, who better to have this conversation with than former member of the US Special Forces, turned personal development coach and founder of The Art Of Masculinity and The Wildman Experience, Johnny Elassaser. His perspective based from experience of what violence really looks like, what it really takes, and the power it gives as well as the effect that it has, offers a deep insight into the topic. 

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