Deep Dive #115 | Joel Brown - How To Build A Positive Mindset

Can you see the things in life that are holding you back from who you want to be?

Joel Brown is the founder of the #1 motivation website, Addicted2Success. His insightful content and powerful message have led him to be featured in Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur, to name a few. He has built multiple six-figure online businesses and is skilled in the areas of self-development, NLP, and mindset coaching.



InThe Deep Dive Live with Adam Roa episode, “How to Build a Positive Mindset,” Joel and I dive deep into creative expression, successful habits, and how to find the balance of work and play when following your passion.

“Success is a habit. More of what you do is more of who you become,” says Joel about building big dreams around big habits.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why a morning routine will align the rest of your day for success
  • What are “flow triggers” and how you can design them to support you
  • The truth about passion in business and in life

There’s tremendous value in mentorship and following in the footsteps of others when learning how to be an entrepreneur or beginning the self-development journey. Joel shares his insights in how he designs his life to reach his potential.

Have you ever felt like you haven’t figured out what it takes to be successful?

If you have been envisioning what you want for your life but keep getting stuck, then this episode is for you. Joel and I discuss habits of highly successful people and tools you can use to become one of them.

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